Winter leagues end on 5th April though any final outstanding matches can be played up to 9pm on Friday 12th April. Could teams please make every effort to rearrange all missed matches by 12th April. Per the rule passed at the 2017 members committee AGM, any team who has missed three or more matches will lose their automatic place in that league the following year. Members are also politely reminded that rink fees are still due for unplayed matches.

Allowances will be made for teams who did not cancel the match and can show that appropriate efforts have been made to rearrange or find substitutes.

Summer Leagues

Summer league teams are now up on the noticeboard. Players who wish to join leagues are kindly requested to add their names to the blank team lines and if none are left, to use the reserve lines. Do NOT write over deleted team names – these spaces will be offered to those on the reserve list and NOT to anyone who overwrites a name,

At the suggestion of members, some extra leagues have been proposed and will run if there are sufficient numbers. However, the times and days are only suggestions and any leagues in a new format can be moved to alternative times and days. For example, if you wish to join the beginners league but would prefer a different day or time, then please feel free to propose alternatives when adding your name and all options will be considered.

Winter Leagues – 2019/20

Winter league team lists will be appearring shortly and the notes above apply to these teams too. Any player wishing to join a team but not currently in one can add their name to the Players looking for a team place space on each league list.

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Lillie and Hannah with their Club Bronze Level Skills awards.

Scarborough Open 2019

Scarborough Open 2019