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Club Legal Structure

Hornsea and District Indoor Bowls Club (or Hornsea IBC) is run by Hornsea and District Indoor Bowls Club Limited, a company registered in England and Wales as Company Number 03524099. This is company limited by guarantee without shares and which means that it is a non-profit making community club. 


Hornsea IBC has a Board of non- executive (i.e. unpaid voluntary) directors who are answerable to the members as they oversee the assets of the club, its management and finances.

The current directors are Ian Paddy, Peter Meggitt and Marianne Meggitt.  We also have two nominations to become directors in the forthcoming EGM, Harold Gilmore and David Dixon. Harold has kindly provided a profile below.

Ian Paddy

Ian was a driving force in the formation of Hornsea IBC and with a team of enthusiastic local bowlers, they sought funding and managed the project to build the club which opened it’s doors in 1998. This is Ian’s third stint as a director and so he has an in depth knowledge of the club and of club matters.

Formerly a teacher, Ian is a talented carpenter and his handiwork can be seen in the bar area of the club.

Ian is also head coach and is well respected around the UK as an EBCS Advanced Coach who wrote much of the EBCS training material. He is passionate about bowls and is still developing ideas to improve coaching methods.


Marianne Meggitt

Marianne has been a member of Hornsea IBC for 7 years where she has played in leagues and runs the Saturday and Thursday Social Bowls. These sessions now have 35+ members who play every week bring in approx £175 per week, year round with no staffing needed, and numbers still growing.  You may see Marianne doing a variety of jobs as she is often on standby to cover voluntary roles. We asked Marianne about her experience, what challenges she feels the club is facing and what she feels she can bring to the role of director:

“Having studied at Hull College of Commerce, I started my own business in 1973 with only £150 cash but lots of motivation and optimism.  By 2009 the business had grown substantially so I had to move the business into a sizeable retail shop with an attached manufacturing workshop and of course, employed more staff. Up until then I had produced and submitted my own accounts to HMRC, but in 2009, I set up a Limited Company and became a sole director with an accountant employed. After 45 years of successful trading I retired in 2018 and handed the business over to my son who still runs it – this will be it’s 51st year of successful trading – all due to costing, advertising and listening to customer needs.

What can I bring to the club ?

Costing Skills – essential if the club is to run profitably. I have been costing materials, services and overheads for 45 years and every activity (i.e. the kitchen, bowling, social activities) all need careful planning and costing to prevent the club from losing money.

Marketing – It doesn’t matter how good the service is that you provide – if people do not know you are there, they can’t come. The directors have addressed this by producing a brochure that we can place in various brochure racks in Hornsea and surrounding areas, plus leaving them out on tables during events at the club.  Also the website has been updated and the Facebook page.

Trends and Ability to Adapt – Many bowls clubs are struggling to survive or have closed. We need to keep the bowling going by supporting it with additional social activities and bookings.  We hope to attract more social bookings going forward and have a few ideas to explore. The kitchen needs to be re-opened, but careful costing must be applied first.”


Peter Meggitt

Peter lived in Hornsea for 13 years which is why he and Marianne returned to the town just before retiring. Like Marianne, he has been a member of the club for 7 years both socially and in a league for one season. Peter volunteered to run the Saturday socials when people were needed to open up, operate the till and bowlr, organise members on the rinks and to close up afterwards.  Wednesday afternoons were then identified as an unused time slot with potential for another Social session (moved to Thursdays in summer) so allowing more pairs games.  So where does Peter fit in as a director?

Myself and a colleague started a printing company in Pocklington in January 1979. We ran it until retirement time and sold the business with no debts whatsoever and £220,00 in the bank – so I have 36 years experience as a director.

Marianne and I both play golf at Primrose Valley where we have a caravan and play in the monthly charity match 8 times a year.  We have provided 2 trophies per game for several years , the money the group raised last year went to Filey Lions & this year will go to the RNLI which is 200 years old this year.

When Ian asked us to become directors we were happy to throw our time into it. We enjoy organising the Social Bowls and had both helped on the 2 open days this year where we got tremendous pleasure helping people with the basics of the game.

Marianne has already outlined our main concerns.  A marketing plan to get new members has been started as has a leaflet but have put it on hold whilst the June 9th meeting resolves the problems circulating .

The Bowlr system has been the cause of concern in some areas so I arranged a visit to Lincoln bowls club who have been using it for several years. (See below for more on this visit).

The main challenge is increasing membership, our aim is to reach 400 this year, hopefully get everyone onto Bowlr as saves administration time and cutting back manual errors entering on the till then double entry on the system plus speeds up checking in plus should stop the annoying emails going out saying out of credit which would be spotted when booked in either themselves or in the club.

We are looking at being able to open the kitchen which needs some work doing on it including an essential dishwasher that we must have to sanitise things which I have researched and got a good offer. We had a hygiene certificate issued in January but was done with the inspector being told we were not cooking so need to update the food safety department.

There have been complaints that errors have been reported and not acted upon this must come to an end. I had a complaint recently and resolved it within 2 hours. The directors are available to listen to your problem and will aim to sort it out.

You will see from the accounts that the club was in a dire financial position and could not have survived much longer without the drastic action taken. This will not happen again during my tenure as a director as I will keep a close eye on the bank balance and costs as well as watching the income. I want the club to prosper and return to a warm friendly welcoming place.”



Directors Visit to Lincoln Indoor Bowls Club

The three directors (Ian, Peter and Marianne) visited Lincoln Indoor Bowls Club (at 1,000 members it is much bigger than HIBC) to see how they operated as they have had the Bowlr System in operation for some time.  They have the system running very well and it has made their bowling so much easier to book both for the members and the club. They gave us some insight as to a few of the problems we were facing such as bowlers just turning up and bowling without paying. Their answer? Just keep the jacks in the office and check that people are actually booked onto the rink before handing them out – an easy and free fix.  They also have policies which result in virtually no missed or rearranged games.

Although Lincoln is bigger than us (two greens each split into 4 rinks), it does not have a big seating area or dance floor like us. However, they supplement their bowling by hiring a “floor” which fits over one of the 4 rink greens, which they use as a stage/event floor (like Selby). We are lucky in that we have the space and seating in our function room, to host most activities without having to hire anything. The directors believe that the way forward includes hosting events to supplement the bowling income for the club



Contact Details:

Hornsea & District Indoor Bowls Club

Atwick Road


East Yorkshire

HU18 1EL

Tel: 01964 537776


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