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The Hornsea Leisure Park Cup
This is a great competition held on 28th December at Hornsea Indoor Bowls Club

Generous sponsorship from Dave and Megan

of Hornsea Leisure Park

usually results in approximately 40 bowlers taking part

£400 in prize money!

Winners = £100 each

Runners Up = £60 each

Third place = £40 each

£5 entry fee covers all 4 games

This is an all day event with the option of a meal, refreshments and a raffle.


Hornsea Leisure Park Xmas Pairs Cup 2021

Despite the threat of covid restrictions and the numbers falling ill with covid and seasonal flu, the event went ahead as planned on Tuesday the 28th December. Numbers were reduced because of illness and some not wanting to risk meeting in crowds but we had a good attendance of 32.

Before reporting on the success of the event, thanks must go to those who helped me in running the event – my wife Sandra Bulless volunteered her services to be on hand with Margaret Ginnelly for 9 hours to ensure everyone had something to eat and drink throughout the day and this added over £300 to club funds. Sylvia Dunn for running the raffle and raising over £90!! But the biggest thanks must go to Hornsea Leisure Parks who donated £400 prize money which gets people through the door. In total with rink fees, the raffle and catering, those taking part raised £561.75 for the club.

Then there are those who worked alongside me in the actual running of the event and Alan Hardaker and Graham Watson you have my personal thanks without the likes of you these events would not take place.

It was 9 for 9.30 enrolment and filling out the lunch list then on to the draw and the rules – the players would be split into two groups and each playing 4 forty minute matches.

In such an event it is the luck of the draw and we have some very gifted bowlers at the club, so we mix things up by saying you must lead in two matches and skip in two matches. You can end up playing with someone you are normally competing against in a league or end up bowling with someone you have never played with or against before.

The early rounds let you know who is in with a chance and who is now bowling just for fun. After 3 rounds we had 4 teams on 6 points and one team on 5 points and it would be these teams that would end up in the placing. In the second part of the draw Patrick Plumb and Mike Watson would play Ken Merritt and Dave Lee with both teams on 6 points so a win would guarantee a top 3 finish. It was Patrick Plumb and Mike Watson who ran out 8-3 winners and this would clinch them third place. Their other results were 8-2 5-3 and 11-3 giving them a solid 8 points.

All the excitement was in group 1 where Jack Bird and Chris Smith and Matthew Bell and Steve Stoakes were on maximums – Jack and Chris were on a +28 shot difference and Matthew and Steve were on plus 21 shot difference.

Matthew Bell and Steve Stoakes won their last match 10-2 moving them onto 8 points and plus 29 – in early matches they had two narrow wins 4-3 and 5-4 but also a 20-1 mega score. Jack and Chris were in a battle in their last game and they won it by 1 shot on the last end taking them to 8 points and plus 29 – in earlier games they had won 16-1 11-0 and 4-2. We therefore had two teams on 8 points with plus 29 shot difference.

It was announced that a one end shoot out would decide the winners and they spun for control of the jack and set about playing the deciding end – holding the shot changed several times but Jack Bird and Chris Smith finally got over the line and were worthy winners.

The presentations – thanks and raffle were completed before we then went into the corner to corner challenge – each player has two woods and you bowl from corner to corner at a Jack and the five furthest woods are removed and this is repeated until there are ten woods left on the green – then 3 woods are removed until only 4 woods remain. On the final end the wood closest to the jack scoops the prize pool of £2 per player and it was Matthew Bell with the nearest the jack and he had a spare wood in his hand.

Once again, many thanks for all who turned up and/or supported the event especially Hornsea Leisure Parks.

Ron Bulless


Contact Details:

Hornsea & District Indoor Bowls Club

Atwick Road


East Yorkshire

HU18 1EL

Tel: 01964 537776


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Lillie and Hannah with their Club Bronze Level Skills awards.

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