At 7pm on Friday 26th October the Hornsea & District Indoor Bowls Club will be the venue for the Marie Curie Wine Tasting Evening. The event will  held in conjunction with Laurel Vines, a local vineyard and winery which is located less than 20 miles from Hornsea. Laurel Vines is a family owned business that has been voted the Best Wine Grower and Maker of the Year for the North of England. Its wines are stocked by the areas best restaurants including The Pipe and Glass, The Wellington Inn at Lund and Cerutti 2.

 The evening will consist of a short talk about Laurel Vines followed by the presentation of 6 wines with a description of each by a wine expert. The wines will be a mixture of white and rose and each wine will be accompanied by finger food and canapes. These will include seafood, cheeses, satay chicken, samosas and scones with strawberry compote and cream. French bread and jugs of water will be provided to freshen the palate between tastings.

 You will be pleased to hear that the samples of each wine will be a generous 75ml per person not a paltry thimble full as you get at many wine tastings. This equates to over half a bottle of top quality wine to each person.

 The cost of this Wine Tasting Evening is £20 per head and ALL proceeds will got to Marie Curie.

If you are interested please contact Keith on 07414987641 or Email: