Please maintain current social distancing guidelines if you are waiting to enter the club.

Please arrive 15 minutes before you are due to bowl and wait by the club front door until a member of staff lets you enter. On entering the club, a member of staff will take your temperature,  please then immediately sanitise your hands, using the sanitiser provided in the lobby. All internal doors will be wedged open.

Please do not stop to socialise within the Club thoroughfares and be respectful of other members looking to enter the club. If you are accessing the club to bowl, you will be able to proceed directly to your pre-booked rink. Payment may be made by cash or card payment  at reception.


CHANGING ROOMS are closed until further notice.

You will be able to change shoes, etc at the end of the rink.

You should avoid bringing unnecessary personal belongings into the club wherever possible.



These will be out of bounds until further notice. If needed, you can retrieve any belongings from lockers on your first visit. You will then need to take them home with you after playing. You will need to carry your shoes and woods into the club with you on subsequent visits.



The main toilets will be open on a one in, one out basis.  Specific safety guidance around the use of these toilets will be provided within the club. These toilets will be cleaned between each session. Please remember to flip the vacant and engaged poster when in use.



Please note that, for safety reasons, the Air-Conditioning will be switched off until further notice.. All Fire-Exit doors will, however, be wedged open. This is for additional ventilation



You will be able to borrow these in the usual way. And they shall be cleaned every after use.



We are, for now, restricted to individual games of singles and games of pairs. It is planned for games of triples to be allowed when leagues commence in Sept.



Have 2 jacks and position with your foot, do not roll the jack. Do not touch the jack unless retrieving from the ditch. If you do touch the jack please then sanitise your hands. No scoreboard to be used only score cards.

Home team should walk down the right hand side of the rink, retaining 2 metres between yourself and all other bowlers. And the away team on the left as you look at the jack. When communicating with your team mates at the other end, please refrain from shouting or calling loudly. This significantly increases the risk of spreading infection.

 When measuring, please nominate one person from the home team to do this; please do not handle either the jack or woods other than your own. All others bowlers must remember to retain 2 metres distance when a measure is occurring, Only one lead and one skip from the home team per rink to handle the mat. The mat will have a white sticker on the end to be handled by the lead; the skip is then to handle the end without a sticker. After delivering your wood, please leave the mat to the left. The next bowler should then access the mat from the right. Do not touch any woods other than your own, if bowls are in the ditch please use the blue roll as supplied.


No shaking hands before or after the game

Stand on the rink side when it’s not your turn to bowl if you wish or remember to maintain 2 metres between you and all other bowlers.





Please sanitise your hands when leaving the Bowling area,

You are expected to leave the bowling green as quickly and safely as possible after your session end. This is so that bowlers for the next session can enter without causing undue crowding, and cleaning of all surfaces and toilets can be done. You should exit through the main doors, these shall be closed during play.


You must take all belongings with you when leaving the bowling green, please put all rubbish in bins provided and take your own used PPE  home.

Lockers are now out of bounds.



Bookings are taken over the phone, or you can book when you come to bowl, block bookings of no more than 3 sessions a week are allowed, so everybody gets to play. Please call the club on the usual number to book; all bookings needs to made 24hrs in advance by 2pm the previous day. If a session is not booked the club will close during that session to save on expenses. And shall re open again at 10am the next day.




Conditions of accessing the club (i) You agree to adhere to all guidance set out within this document (ii) Should you have had a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 you are now recovered and clear of infection (iii)You have not, as far as you know, suffered from any Covid-19 related symptoms within the last 14 days (iv)You have not, as far as you know, been in contact with anyone infected or suspected of being infected by Covid-19 within the last 10 days (v) You will inform the Manager as soon as possible should you exhibit Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of visiting the Club (vi)You consent to the Club passing on your details to the Government’s track and trace scheme should a member accessing the club at the same time as yourself go on to exhibit Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of visiting the Club Further, if you have cold symptoms, such as cough/sneezing/fever, or feel poorly, please do not enter the club until you feel better.. Please note that it is a necessary condition of our being allowed to re-open the club that members adhere to all guidance given. Any members unable to adhere to this guidance and any safety requests around the Club will be asked to leave the premises.


Hornsea IBC winter Arrangements 2020/21

The winter season will commence on Monday 7th September 2020

League / casual bowling will operate on all rinks under EIBA guidelines.

Fours will only be played at county / national competitions.

The leagues / session times will be altered to allow for social distancing/handover / cleaning operations etc.

The league / session times will be :

09.00 – 10.30 hr Casual

11.00 – 1.00 hr League

14.00 – 16.00 hr League

19.00 – 21.00 hr League

Priority will be given to those members already in similar – timed leagues / sessions.

Please liaise with the office / team mates to ensure your places. When next year comes around we may go back to the original leagues and priority will be given to the people who didn’t or couldn’t play this year due to the covid19 restrictions.

The office shall call you to see if you would like to resume in the league for Sept 2020, or please call the office to let them know if you’d like to play or not.

Registration Days for membership are 29/30/31 August. Membership can be done any time during August also.

The cost per 2 hr session is £4 for full members ( £3 for 1 1/2 hrs) and £5 per 2hr session for social bowlers.

The discount scheme will not be operated until the normal situation is resumed.

The subs for all members remains as per 2019/2020 season

Those members who missed their pre-paid summer league/sessions can either transfer there payments to Summer 2021,or claim a refund.

Refunds will be available for the pre paid games missed at the end of last winter season, due to the early enforced closure.


Catering and bar facilities will only be resumed on the numbers and or demand of membership.

Contact Details:

Hornsea & District Indoor Bowls Club

Atwick Road


East Yorkshire

HU18 1EL

Tel: 01964 537776

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Lillie and Hannah with their Club Bronze Level Skills awards.

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Scarborough Open 2019