The 2017 Christmas Drawn Pairs competition proved to be a very successful event with 44 members competing for the Dave Bielby Trophy.

With competitors of all playing levels taking part, from first season bowlers to England squad members, the draw provided a wide spectrum of partnerships and these followed through to some unexpected results right from the first games. Each partnership played three 45 minute matches gaining 3 points for a win and one for a draw.

After the initial rounds, two teams were unbeaten and qualifed for the final with a further three teams having seven points each (two wins and a draw) so the two with the best shot difference played for third and fourth place.

Third and Fourth Place

Sylvia Dunn and Anne Ash proved to be the stronger pairing against Sylvia Charter and Colin Whiting and so taking third place.


Above left: Neil Gabriel presents the Third Prize to Sylvia Dunn and Anne Ash.       Above right:  Colin Whiting and Sylvia Dunn receiving their fourth prize from Neil Gabriel


A lucky draw saw Dave Grianger paired up with his usual Monday night partner Dave Tooley and experience of each other’s game proved to be a winning factor in their final against Dave Robson and John Hessel.










Above left: Neil Gabriel presents the Dave Bielby trophy and £60 winners prize to Dave Grainger and Dave Tooley.       Above right: John Hessel and Dave Robson receiving their runners up prize from Neil Gabriel

Congratulations to all the finalists and to those who surprised themselves with some unexpected wins in individual matches. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all and our thanks go to Neil Gabriel for organising the day and to his assistants Di Gabriel and Margaret Ginnelly for keeping him organised.